Jag har sjungit i hela mitt liv, spelat instrument sedan skolåldern och skrivit låtar sen jag var tjugo (alltså i sju år). Textförfattandet och melodisnickrandet är kärnan i mitt låtskrivande. Jag skriver på svenska och engelska. Nedan kan du lyssna på The Foldable bridge, som jag skrev 2010:

The Foldable Bridge
av Gabriella Hansson (med tack till Peter Haack)

I’ve seen your eye-lids close
Some thousand times, I s’pose
and how you move in starlit sleep
your fingers and your toes

The sea proved to be deeper than I knew
The sky put on a finer sort of blue
when coming out in water and blood
the spark of life personified in you

To be, to break, to heal
You learn from what you feel
To part is part of the deal
That’s a shame, that’s a shame

So I give you this foldable bridge
would you burn all the bridges behind you
You were still gonna know how to get back  home to me
Blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh
whatever devils might try to bind you
Oh, let someone be around to remind you:
You were born to be free!

You had no thoughts to hide
Your eyes were once so wide
Now you won’t lift them from the ground
So how to reach your mind?

I can’t help I keep lingering on that night
when everything refused to turn out right
My words were harsh, your answers cruel
We didn’t reach each other, did we try?

To rest, to run, to whom
We learn from what we do
I won’t come after you
If you go, if you go

But I give you this foldable bridge…